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Onomatopoeia is a poetry and digital art collaboration. Produced by poet and writer Amy Shelver, it features a collection of her poems, written over 20 years, enriched by works of art, photography, and multimedia from a global community of artists and creatives. Onomatopoeia is an exquisite, sometimes harrowing, story of the author’s coming of the creative age. Covering the many phases of young adulthood, it is as much sentimental and naïve as it is inspiring and sophisticated. Amy journeys through her “mortifying” early teenage angst and self-discovery and along the breadth of travels to both far-away lands and those a bit closer to home. In Onomatopoeia, she documents, observes and distils the experiences and moments of life. She also tackles difficult socio-political issues, embracing a whimsical feminism, and an acute desire to reflect society’s human face and bounteous urbanscapes. There is also a healthy dose of that which makes poetry, poetry: love, loss, fear, frustration, broken hearts, anger, and goodbyes, embodied in catchy one-liners, intimate prose and several quirky anecdotes. Over 100 artists contributed to the project, drawing inspiration from the poetry and adding another dimension to this unique collaboration.

visual alchemy graphic design gqeberha port elizabeth
visual alchemy graphic design gqeberha port elizabeth