The Sjiek Shack

The Vintage Side of Nelson Mandela Bay

Corporate Identity Design

The Sjiek Shack has climbed into the hearts of many Uitenhagers, Despatchers, and out-of-towners with their delicious light meals, variety of decadent desserts, special vintage high teas, unique decor and gifts. The old-world charm, rustic design and greenery around the coffee shop all started a couple of years ago with a dream that came from one of The Sjiek Shack duo’s fathers. That dream was set in motion in May 2015 when two creative minds, Marlise and Nadia, joined their artistic forces and talents to create a magical get-together spot between Uitenhage and Despatch. The initial plan was to open only on Saturdays for high teas, but within two weeks the demand grew bigger and they decided to open the tin shack’s doors to the public six days a week after they’d searched their kitchen cupboards for vintage teacups. There is no looking back for the two crafty masterminds of The Sjiek Shack; it is one of the most-visited and most-loved coffee shops in the area and it is a hot spot for kitchen teas, birthday parties as well as the perfect quiet getaway for a quick breakfast and caffeine break.